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Steppin' Over to Bishop Timon St. Jude





Empire Sports Network made a presentation to about four hundred students at Bishop Timon St. Jude High School as part of their career day activities.

Coordinating Producer Tim Melligan has a few words for the current students of his alma mater.

Seniors Matt Brautlacht and Brian Connors watch the video on Empire Sports Network.

Bob Trimble takes a minute for a quick photo with Tony Joseph, Brenton White, Desmen Green, Corey Vance and Armod Ray, juniors at Bishop Timon.



Billy Snyder, sophomore, won a tee shirt at the presentation.


Toronto Arrives in Buffalo





Zig interviews Mike Zeisberger, Leafs Beat Reporter for the Toronto Sun.

Leafs fans packed the house!!


Everything  Is Going to the Dogs





Jim Brinson competed in a bowling match live on Fan TV. His competitors: a dog named Geogia and a frequent caller: Bad Phone Bill. Here, Bryan Sliwowski, photographer, sets up the shot.

Bad Phone Bill isn't so bad at bowling.

Georgia tries for a strike!!

The crowd anxiously waits to see if Brinson can top that strike by Georgia.



Alexis Gadawski and her grandfather Jerry of Amherst root for Georgia the wonder dog.


Chatting with Canisius





Paul Martello, director of media and public relations, introduces Josh Mora to students at Canisius High School

Brendan Burghardt, production assistant, shoots the presentation, while juniors Ben Gartawos and Jonathan Danial watch a video. Students get a chance to see themselves on the Empire Sports Report that night

School Photographer Marc Deley, junior, and Brian Gibbs, senior, listen intently as Mora tells them about his background and how they can prepare for a career in broadcasting..

Michael Amico, senior, listens as Mora answers his question about how Mora stays informed daily about what is happening in the world of sports.

Perfect Day for the Patriots Game





He tries to get the proper placement on the ball for the Hot Shot Challenge!!!

Is this a new trophy pose?

…Representing the "old timers."

And the patriot fans put up a good showing in Orchard Park.

The Spooktacular Staff  Spirit…





Steve Cichon, producer, as "Herb the Radio Salesman.'

Meow: Deanne Walczak, marketing assistant

Good Cop/Bad Cop…Which is it? : Kathleen Neeson, marketing assistant

Tina the security guard keeping us safe: Steve Heatley, production assistant




Round em' up Cowgirl: Lisa Wells, secretary

Hey Good Lookin! Aaron Pike, director


Happy Halloween from the Ghosts and Goblins of Empire Sports Network and WNSA …





Empire held a Moth Ball for the children of Empire Sports Network and WNSA…and the staff got into the spirit

Tim Melligan, coordinating producer, checks out his son Ryan's favorite treat—a pumpkin pencil!!  The cowardly lion thinks it is a rorar!!!!

Firefighter Sean Mc Manus and his dad Neil, producer take a break from the heat.

Spiderman, Spiderman does whatever a spider can….Andrew Mertens and his mom Michelle, traffic director.





The Halen Family: Chris, production director and Rebecca, temp brought in a hodge podge of characters. Blaze as Batman, Princess Kiera and Zachary as Chris Spielman.

Princess Amanda Bukaty, daughter of Michelle Bukaty, temp, ices her own pumpkin cookie.

Tom Wachter, master control operator, and his wife Dawn bring Batman Paul and a Princess Lexi to the festivities.

Princess Maria shows off the princess she colored for the company coloring contest.





Senior Producer David Tasca with his son David as Superman and daughter Maria as a princess.

Gladiator Brayden Denk, son of Paul Damon producer, is ready to fight the Trojans.

Andy is missing his partner Raggedy Ann…Ryan Butaky.

Piglet made an appearance. Sara is the daughter of Debbie and Mark Gorton





Dracula Johathan Simon lurks around the corner with his parents Howard and JoAnn

Empire assembles the Justice Hall

Motorcyclist John Isbrandt, son of Gary Isbrandt, director, tricks or treats

Spielman needs some down time from the field!!!

Empire Takes the Stage





Josh Mora paid a visit to Jan Vafai's communications class at the Buffalo School of Visual and Performing Arts

Michael Capece, senior, listens as Mora reminds the students to "remember your audience" when writing a story for television

Sophomores Mallory Tross and Nancy Rosales and Senior Charles Moffitt watch a video on Empire Sports Network

Juniors Selina Smith and Lisa Lopez proudly display their tee shirts they won by correctly answering questions about the presentation

Showing Students What It's All About





Bob Trimble addresses a crowd of 200 students at Lewport Senior High School. As part of the presentation students watch a video presentation on putting together a story for broadcast, can ask questions and get the chance to win prizes from Empire Sports Network.

Ninth graders Ashley Guiliani, Stephanie Klaver and Ashley Murray listen and take notes as Bob Trimble tells them about life at Empire.

Stage Manager Bob Russell oversees Ben Ripson, junior, and Matt Schultz, sophomore, as they monitor and tape the Empire presentation using their own studio equipment.

Stephanie Bartha, senior; Stephanie Shields, junior; and Kelly Hessinger, senior. Ms. Shields won a tee-shirt for correctly answering a question about the presentation.

Having a Party at the Bills vs. Raiders Game…





The tailgaters stop at the Empire Sports Network/WNSA tent to get some goodies: magnets, schedules and bumper stickers.

This young ball player tries his best at the Hot Shot Challenge Football Toss.


A fan shows her spirit: Go Bills!

These fans have their war paint on!!!

Da Bears vs. The Bills





Fans line up to grab some goodies at the Empire/WNSA tent

He's putting all his might into it!

Could there be a more spirited fan?

"Older" kids take a shot as well!!!

Tailgating at One Bills Drive





Cheers! These boys won mugs at The Hot Shot Challenge by tossing the football through a hole.

These fans check out the Empire/WNSA site and get a new goodie: The Buffalo football schedule on a magnet!!!

These fan line up to win a prize at the football challenge.

Takin' a break from the heat!!!

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